The Wilson family owns and operates the company that formulates and distributes White Diamond Detail Products. The brand started in 1999 in their home basement with one product – the metal polish – where bottles were filled by hand, one at a time. Since then, White Diamond has grown from a true grassroots approach, by going to truck and motorcycle trade shows, giving personal demonstrations to potential buyers. The company’s first retail outlet was the Iowa 80 Truck-stop, the World’s largest truck-stop, located in Walcott, Iowa.
Six years ago, the metal polish hit the shelves of major retailers and simultaneously three other products were born: Black Pearl Paint Protectant, Multi-Purpose Quick Detail, and Multi-Purpose Dressing. White Diamond Detail Products are proudly made in the heart of the Midwest with distribution across the United States and in select countries internationally.
In 2016, the White Diamond Detail Products team pitched the product line to Wal-Mart executives in Arkansas and were successful in gaining shelf space in the automotive departments of 2,400 Wal-Mart stores. They are also sold at the top auto product retailers –  Advance Auto Parts, Auto Zone, and O’Reilly Auto Parts.
But the people behind White Diamond Detail Products are not resting on their past success. Through their continuing efforts and their growing ranks of loyal customers, White Diamond continues to grow, gaining recognition among car, truck, boat, and motorcycle enthusiasts as one of the top lines of detail products on the market.