The manager of our wonderful True Value had a sample of your White Diamond Metal Polish Cloths and gave me one to try on our stainless steel fridge. Our daughter sprayed Fantastic spray on it and left streaks on all of the doors. I tried getting them off with olive oil, rubbing alcohol and our usual stainless steel cleaner-nothing worked! I called up and the amazing White Diamond rep, and he walked me through using your metal polish wipes on my fridge. They came right off!!! My before and after photos don't do it justice, but here is a final picture. I thought my fridge was doomed to have ugly streaks on it forever. Thank you!!!! 

Karen Burmeister 
Shorewood MN




Two-time Lock and Lean Skills Competition Champion Eric Peabody of South Carolina Chooses White Diamond!


My name is Chris Shields, I am a 23 year veteran of the automotive field her in PA. I had the opportunity today to try a product from your company - the White Diamond Metal Polish with Long Lasting Sealant. As a very avid car guy, own 3 cars we drive and show.

I have my one mustang that has Weld racing wheels on it. And they're kept pretty clean. But I have to fight with water spots or a blemish. 


Mother's, Semi-chrome, Blue, Magic, Never Dull, Wizards, Meguiar's aluminum polishes/metal polish - and I could never get the wheels perfect but they looked nice.



Everyone I have talked to today - I am telling them about this, my mind is still blown away. All other metal polishes should take note that there is a company out there that's not your grandpa's polish! Truly one of the most impressive car products to date. I am excited to try all of their products now. If this works this well, can't wait to see what's next.

Guys @ White Diamond WAY TO GO AND THANK YOU Very Much. All other products I have will not be donated to my trash can and laid to rest.

Thanks so very much!

Chris Shields from Birdsboro, PA


Tell us about your positive experience with our products, and you just might see your comments in our marketing materials. Email your photos and testimonials to: info@whitediamondamerica.com. Thanks!


"I am White Diamond’s biggest fan!  See photos below.  I’m serious when I say, 'I used them all'. And White Diamond is my favorite polish of all.  Hey, I sound like a commercial!” – Bob

testimonial photo for Multi-Purpose polish and sealant  testimonial photo for Metal Polish and Sealant


"I have been watching my neighbors who polish trucks work their magic on my pontoon boat with your product. Your product worked great and looks fantastic when they finished."   – Rob



"It took me about one hour to take 6 2000-model Peterbilt wheels (that were not taken care of) to make them shiny as my brand new ones on my Pete. Very good polish. Thanks in Alice Texas."  – Francis
Polished truckpolished truck
polished truck





Almost Chrome Metal Polish"My name is Peter. I'm the owner of Almost Chrome Metal Polishing. We have recently discovered the White Diamond metal polish, and I gotta say, nothing else will go on a set of rims or stainless that we polish. It's the perfect finishing touch. Even my clients have noticed a difference in the appearance of their buses. Love it guys! Thanx for making my job a little easier!"

Almost Gone MotorcycleAlmost Gone BusAlmost Gone Motorcycle






"I watched your training video, and went to work, and tried it out. This polish is awesome! I wowed some co-workers and customers. You really can make galvanized steel look like chrome."  – Jeff, Commercial Parts Pro - Store 1717; Caro, MI


"My alum wheels on my Vette have NEVER looked this good! The first time that I tried White Diamond metal polish, it put all others I have tried to shame! I highly recommend this product to all car owners with Alum wheels." – Dennis


"Just saw on SEMA show on Speed chnl, ran out and bought. Tried on the polished alum. on my custom Bobber Harley. Beats Simachrome, Mothers, Never Dull, etc. The very best I ever tried in my 60+ yrs. Will rant & rave to all I know. Thanks for a great product!"   – Roy


"I hit it with White Diamond metal polish, the best metal polish I have ever used. I had the frame guards polished but my boots scratched them all up every ride. The White Diamond polish actually helps keep dirt and mud from sticking." – From a Kawasaki forum:  

Kawasaki motorcycle




 Polished tiresPolished tire


"I found a bottle of White Diamond in our local Advance Auto Parts and decided to give it a try. I had an old set of Center Line wheels that looked awful. The attached photos show the amazing before and after results. The polish was easy to use, quick, and the results are outstanding! This is the only polish I will use in the future."   – Rob
Tire - BeforePolished tire - after






"I met you at the "TURKEY ROD / RUN" in Daytona (November 2013). I told you that I had very expensive Corvette rims on my "1999 Trans Am" and that I tried almost every product available to make them appear better. I was at the event specifically to buy new rims. You gave me a sample of White Diamond Metal polish and Sealant and told me to go try it.

I returned with my car and showed you the results. I was truly amazed how they looked. I purchased a bottle and went home to see just how good the results would be with a buffer. All four wheels came out like brand new. It's been over 2 months now and they're still looking great. It's truly a great product." Thank you - Port Saint Lucie, Florida



Found this new white bottle of metal polish in a local O’Reilly Auto Parts store and decided to buy it to try. Well, I've been hooked ever since. Great product. The cut is fast and very fine, the gloss is unbelievable, and the use is easier than any of the other products I've tried.  If you want a metal polish that does it all, you can't go wrong with WHITE DIAMOND POLISH. – Troy
Before polish

Above: the half covers are not polished yet to show where I started from.

Below are my results.
Polished partspolished parts



polished parts



polished parts



 "Bought a bottle of White Diamond metal polish to use on our very tarnished real brass bed head/foot boards. Quite frankly, I figured it wasn't any better than slow and labor intensive Brasso. Boy, was I wrong! I wiped on a coat for a minute then vigorously rubbed with a saturated rag. I was amazed after a minute or two there was shiny reflective brass looking back! Took about 2.5 hours to do big headboard and an hour or so for foot board. I found that using Mother polishing ball in a drill speeded the process and got into cracks and crevices a rag couldn't reach. Thanks to the lab gurus who formulated this "miracle" compound. Nice to see a USA product."   – Sam Dillon


I have just purchased one of your products - wd metal polish - and it has absolutely astounded me with how quick and easy I have restored my diesel tank to better than new condition. Wonderful product wd. Can’t wait to try your other products."  – Andy Docherty



"I just want to say that before today I had never heard of your product. I went to Advance Auto Parts and the gentleman said your product was the best, so I used it to detail my girlfriend’s truck after a year of build-up on the rims and bumpers. All I can say is I'm very pleased at how well it worked and how easy it was to clean them. I give y'all much props on this product and I want to try the rest of your detailing products. Thank you again for a great product."   – Christopher Johnson